Turn UP for STEAM!

Image of students from 2016 BWiC event.

On February 19-21, 2016, BWiC partnered with Strong TIES which hosted Turn Up for STEAM: a weekend-long workshop for teens featuring a hip-hop and coding hackathon held at Phoenix College in Phoenix, Arizona. This AZ SciTech Festival signature event and its partners are known for their “pizzazz” and the guest list of those interacting with the students at Turn Up for STEAM was quite impressive; featuring LaMar Queen of MusicNotes in LA and Black Poet Ventures from Phoenix (putting the “A- arts” in STEAM); Hidden Level Games, Google, and various other community leaders.

This amazing event included the following activities focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM):

  • Friday – Science of Sound to Hip-Hop Instruction, Show, and Battle
  • Saturday – Coding Hackathon where the students were introduced to computer science principles and game development using BETA the game
  • Sunday – Parents were provided resources at the BWiC “Pathways to STEM” Parent Panel and students were given the opportunity to finish up projects and prepare presentations for the community

As with all BWiC Pathways to STEM events, the Turn Up for STEAM community intervention was offered free of charge to youth within the community. Therefore the success of this event, and others like it, depends on support from our community-building partners, sponsors, artists, and technologists.

Learn more about the Pathways to STEM initiative and click the button below to donate.

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