Texas Southern University – A Reflection on 2008

The year was 2008, the day Nov. 4. In awe, my family and I watched the results of the election come in. Then as a family we made the decision to drive to one of the historic black neighborhoods in Houston. We started at Scott and Wheeler in Houston’s Third Ward. This was the home of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, an historic, politically active and community-minded church. This was the…

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Introducing Black Women in Computing At #GHC15


A special thing happens when bright minds come together.  Things work.  New relationships are forged.  Deals are made.  The needle moves.  This is the power of community—the power of Systers’ Affinities Communities. Here at the Black Women in Computing virtual offices, we’re laying the building blocks for what we hope will be the best GHC experience to date!  Every day leading up to the 2015 GHC, we’ve been sparking our…

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Bayou City Weather – Sunny with a high chance of variability

One of the questions I get asked is how much does Houston live up to the hype on its weather? Let’s just say it is sunny with a high chance of variability. Relative to our east coast counterparts, Houstonians do see more of the sun this time of the year. But, really, anything goes when it comes to the weather. One minute it’s perfectly sunny. The next hour there could…

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GHC Game Planning – Part II

People make the net work.  With some of the brightest minds converging at GHC, we’ll have no choice but to break out of our shells and connect.  So here are some more tips on having a great GHC experience. ☐    Take a good notes. There are some pretty cool apps out there to help you organize yourself as well via your mobile devices as well. Evernote for note-taking.  Failing that, get…

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GHC Game Planning – Part I

New to GHC? As you know, no conference would be complete without a good game plan. Some people like to plan out each and every minute of their conference experience. Others like to have a loose structure and go with the flow. Without a doubt, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. For me, I’ve seen my approach change over the years. I’ve gone from the free-flow approach to a more structured…

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Welcome to Houston, GHC15!

GHC bag

October 2, 2015 Now that we’ve settled in on the first few days of October, there’s no denying it: you’re coming to the Grace Hopper Conference this year! Before you get your code in a bunch about logistics (e.g. getting ahead on a week’s worth of work, confirming your travel plans, setting up the vacation reply on your email account, getting a baby-sitter at GHC), consider this first: this will…

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Black Women in Computing Host Programming Workshop


Black Women in Computing (BWiC), an Anita Borg Institute Systers Community, is proud to host an exciting programming workshop for the 4th and 5th graders of Greencastle Elementary School! The programming workshop will be held from 9AM – 3PM on June 6th, 2015 at Greencastle ES in Silver Spring, Maryland. Students will learn basic programming concepts using Scratch and will be introduced to relevant problems in Computer Science through hands-on…

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