Without a doubt, gender equality in tech fields takes support from both sides of the gender equation.   Whether we’re talking about fathers, brothers or manfriends, the 49 percent of U.S. population plays a critical role in #changingthegame.

That’s why I am always impressed when I meet a “Manbassandor.” Today was no exception. Just a stone’s throw from the George R. Brown Convention Center, I spoke with a Pakistani “Dadbassandor” who posed an interesting question to me when it came to women leading and women excelling in computer science, “why couldn’t women lead?”

In case you thought he was paying lip service, he pointed out that Pakistan has already had two female presidents—Fahmida Mirza and Benazir Bhutto.  The father of two computer science students—one daughter and one son—he spoke at length about the importance of women claiming a well-earned and hard-won place in computer science.

His arguments and his conviction were rattling—and convincing.  Really, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

However, while his son has remained in CS, his daughter decided to change course and move into business administration.  I was curious about her change in degree, so I phoned his daughter to talk all things ABI and GHC.  Needless to say, we’re working on her.

Talking with this father just reminded me that there are plenty of Manbassadors who support #OurTimeToLead and would like to #LeanInTogether.  Moreover, they’re showing their support in the most unlikely places–whether through initiatives like Lean In or Manbassador at Harvard University or at home everyday, encouraging their daughters to lead.

So let’s hear it for this #GHCDadbassador!

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