One of the questions I get asked is how much does Houston live up to the hype on its weather? Let’s just say it is sunny with a high chance of variability.

Relative to our east coast counterparts, Houstonians do see more of the sun this time of the year. But, really, anything goes when it comes to the weather. One minute it’s perfectly sunny. The next hour there could be slight rain. The next day the temperature could drop.  This is not even counting hurricane season, which runs from June to November.

The key to tackling Houston weather is simply to come prepared at all times. Since most travel by car, it’s easier to be shielded from the elements. If you’re traveling by bus, rail or carpooling, we’ve still got you covered.

Houston Weather Tips:

☐    Always carry a small umbrella. There’s no guarantee that your new “do,” will be in tact once you hit a Houston wind tunnel while it is pouring rain, but at least you will preserve some semblance of it.

☐    A good waterproof and windproof jacket goes a long way. This way, if the weather changes, you don’t have to lose out. It doesn’t have to look like a raincoat or parka, it just has to act like one.

☐    Layering is an invaluable strategy. In October, you might dress for the “southern fall” (more on that), but have convenient summer wear just under it or within arms reach. Why? It does suddenly get hot or humid and it helps to be able to pivot with the weather.

☐    Light fabrics are good way to go. Some favorites: linen, cotton and polyester. Fabrics that carry water weight are not ideal unless you plan to avoid the outdoors. Read: silk, suede and, arguably, leather.

☐    Not in the mood to battle inclement weather? Take cover! The best thing about Houston weather is if you wait it out, most times it will subside within the hour.

So what is the southern fall like? The weather is written in binary code, so it is either hot or cold. We really don’t get the four seasons here. In the fall, we are simply less hot than we were in the summer. You might get a cool breeze or more rain here and there to signal the change.

A special note on hurricane season: the season runs from June to November. We Houstonians are usually tuned into the news for weather updates. On the mild side, the regular results of hurricane season are heavier rains and flooding. On the more inclement side, we’ll all be following a Surviving the Storm guide.

Don’t worry yet: for the Black Women in Computing Tech Inclusion event on October 10th, we’re looking at 90 degrees with a high chance of humidity.

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